Pledge Categories

Category #1

Cancer Risk Reduction

Screening is a term for diagnostic testing that is done to identify cancer at an early stage, before it causes symptoms. Mammography, colonoscopy, and low-dose chest CT are different types of screening exams. Reducing sun exposure is a preventive measure to decrease the risk of various types of skin cancer.

Category #3

General Health

There are many steps that you can take to improve or maintain your health, even if you already try to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Find a pledge that best meets your own health needs.

Category #2

Lifestyle Modification

There's no time like the present to start getting rid of a bad habit, or to develop habits that will enhance your health. Quitting smoking, trying to reduce weight, cutting back on alcohol use, etc are valuable ways to not only become healthier, but also provide a benefit to your family and loved ones.

Category #4

Mental Well-Being

Have you thought about learning a new musical instrument? Becoming involved in volunteer work? Doing something to address depression? Mental health and satisfaction are important components of general health. Take a pledge for yourself, and someone you care about.